The Kangaroo Project



Why is the PSA competition called the Kangaroo Project?

The name is significant because of the way a kangaroo helps her young by carrying them in her pouch. The apprenticeships that are a part of the production process are just like that—experienced crew members will help their apprentices ("joeys") take a leap ahead in their careers. This is also an opportunity for creative individuals to gain recognition for ideas and so get their “leap ahead.” It’s also significant in that Sean Francis (for whom the sponsoring foundation is named) was born in Australia.

Is this PSA competition for teams (i.e. writer/art director) or is it limited to individuals?

Yes, collaborations are certainly encouraged although the winning team would have to designate one spokesperson to act as the Creative Director.

How likely is it that animation can be included in a :30 television spot?

It depends on the nature of the animation. If it can be completed in the given time frame, then yes, the final spot could be animated.

How long has the Kangaroo Project been around?

The first competition was held in 2002, and produced a :30 PSA for motorcycle safety. It is intended to be an ongoing endeavor.

How do you decide the PSA topic or theme of the competition?

The PSA topic is decided by the Sean Francis Foundation's Board of Directors.

Why are there two separate competitions—one for the concept and one for the director?

This competition process is intended to replicate the professional experience of the advertising world, where a concept is overseen by a Creative Director who works with a Director to realize that vision.

If I win the concept competition, can I apply for the director competition?

No, because if you win the concept competition, you will be the Creative Director for the TV spot, and you will partner with the Director to help bring the PSA to fruition.

Can I enter more than one concept?

Yes, but there is a separate fee for each entry, so make sure you’re entering your best concept(s).

Is the competition open to anyone, regardless of experience?

Yes, this competition is about the idea, the vision and the drive. We want to encourage everyone with those attributes to apply.

How can I work on the production crew as an apprentice ("joey")?

There is an apprentice competition entry form (PDF) available for download from the "Production" section of the Kangaroo Project's Web site.

Are there runner-ups or other forms of recognition?

Yes. There is one winning concept and two runner-ups in the concept competition. All three concepts will be shown on The Kangaroo Project Web site. We also have one winner and two runner-ups for the director competition.

Will all entries be displayed?

Yes. Depending on the number of entries received, we intend to have them displayed at some venue to be determined.

What happens if my concept does not win, can I use it somewhere else?

According to the rules of the competition, the Sean Francis Foundation becomes the owner of all of the entries, but the foundation is more than willing to license the ideas if the opportunity presents itself.

Would this year’s winner be eligible to apply next year?

No. Past winners must wait one year before re-applying.

Can we use illustrations board and spray mount the cells of the storyboard onto that using 1/4 foam core?

Yes. The concept competition rules are quite detailed as to the specifications for the storyboards.

Does the PSA have to be set in Minnesota?

No. If your concept competition entry defines a specific location it does not have to be Minnesota. Keep in mind, however, that it must be possible for the PSA to be produced, shot and edited in Minnesota.

What are the chances of a campaign being picked as a winner?

Provided that the campaign can be produced in the time frame allowed, a campaign could certainly be considered.

How is the competition's entry fee used?

The Sean Francis Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation so it uses the entry fee to cover administrative costs such as printing and mailing. It is also used for competition entry fees, ad counci and other non-profit organization dues and Web site fees.

How can I help?

The Kangaroo Project is a team endeavor and can use all the help it can get. We encourage contributions from corporations and individuals, from cash to volunteer work. Contact us for more ideas and ways to help sout.