The Kangaroo Project



The Kangaroo Project is a public service announcement competition created in 2001, by the Sean Francis Foundation, a Minnesota-based non-profit organization. This first-of-its-kind competition focuses on a single :30 PSA – from concept through completion – around a cause-related theme.

In addition to creating a worthwhile PSA, the secondary goal of the Kangaroo Project is to mentor participants in the craft of television commercial production. Experienced crew members mentor apprentices ("Joeys") during the production of the competition's :30 TV spot. The goal is to train new talent by giving them an opportunity to work with a professional team in a professional environment and to encourage the creative community to take a "leap forward" in their careers.

Two rounds of competitions - juried by some of the most talented creatives and directors in the advertising community - choose the concept and director of the PSA.