The Kangaroo Project



  • Tired of the same old commercials?
  • Think you can do better?
  • Have you wanted to work with a particular writer or art director?


Here's your opportunity to create a meaningful concept for the Kangaroo Project's :30 PSA about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PREVENTION.

Out of the pool of entries, a jury of advertising professionals picks the winning concept. The submissions are completely anonymous to ensure that the concepts are judged soley on merit.

After the winning concept is selected, the Director Competition begins. The Concept Competition winner is part of the jury to help select the director and works with the director during production as the Creative Director of the spot.

Ready to enter your concept in the Kangaroo Project's competition? It is highly recommended that every entrant read the background information on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PREVENTION, the rules, the schedule and the previous year's wrap-up information.

2006 TOPIC


Domestic violence affects millions of people every day. Don't just put a band-aid on this problem. You can do something to help victims of domestic violence by participating in the creation of a :30 television public service announcement (PSA) on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PREVENTION.

Join the Kangaroo Project by entering your creative concept by June 9, 2006.

Or you can enter the director competition to direct the winning concept by August 4, 2006.

You know you have great ideas.

You can do it.

Enter now.

For more information on DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PREVENTION, visit Cornerstone's Web site.