The Kangaroo Project


Winners: 2006 Kangaroo Project Concept Competition

Mark Setterholm and John Benson - "Hell No"

This concept uses the song "Hell No" from "The Color Purple."

Disclaimer: This spot will be produced only if the rights to the song can be obtained.

Comment: The judges feel that the casting in this spot is very important. We don't want to stereotype any particular color or class of woman (or man for that matter).

First Runner-Up

This spot will be produced in the event that the rights to "Hell No" are not available.

Quan Hoang and Stripmall Creative - "Tele-Bloodies"

Additional Runner-Ups

Andrew Hanson and Brian Boord - "The Classroom"

David MacKereth and Amanda Whitacre's - "Punching Bag"