The Kangaroo Project



The subject of the 2005 Kangaroo Project was SAFE AND COURTEOUS DRIVING. Our 2005 partner was the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA).


The Kangaroo Project received twenty-seven entries for the 2005 Creative Competition. They were submitted from Minnesota, Florida, Wisconsin and Texas.


  • Gary Tassone, Producer - Peterson Milla Hooks
  • Jo Marshall, Freelance Copywriter
  • John Jarvis, Creative Director - Colle McVoy
  • John Borchardt, Broadcast Producer - Campbell Mithun
  • Stan Prinsen, Head of Broadcast - Martin Williams

The local jury chose four semi-finalists to present to the national judging panel: Tricia Hodgson and Erika Szabo with “Russian Roulette," Scott Tilton and Leena Hashim-Waris with “Hippity Hop Drivers” and Garen Boghosia and Neal Pessaud with “Distraction.”


  • Ross Ludwig, Freelance Writer - Los Angeles
  • Shawn Preston, Freelance Writer - Los Angeles
  • Caprice Yu, Art Director - 180/Amsterdam
  • Simon Roseblade, Writer - Fallon/London
  • Tom Riddle, Art Director - Make/Portland

The winning creative concept was submitted by Thom Sandberg from Kenyon Consortium and Mark Wirt, a freelance writer, both from Minneapolis.


The Kangaroo Project received thirteen directorial competition entries from Minnesota, New York, Alabama, California and New Jersey.


  • Gary Tassone, Producer - Peterson Milla Hooks
  • Jack Steinman, Head of Broadcast - Carmichael Lynch
  • John Borchardt, Broadcast Producer - Campbell Mithun
  • Rick Dublin, Director - Motel Films, MN and LA
  • Thom Sandberg, Winner - Kangaroo Project Concept Competiton
  • Mark Wirt, Winner - Kangaroo Project Concept Competiton

The winner of the 2005 Kangaroo Project Director Competition was George "Andy" Basore from New York. Andy is originally from Portland, Oregon but had moved to New York three years ago to pursue a career in commercial production. He had been a freelance production assistant and had been urged to enter the Kangaroo Project to improve his directorial presentation skills. Andy did an amazing job in casting to work with young kids that needed to actually say swear words.


An incredible group of industry professionals worked with Marie Domingo to make sure that every one of the seventeen "Joeys" had a professional, informative and productive mentoring experience.  We held  a "pre-production" day on the Saturday before the PSA shoot where the apprentices could see the boards, check out the equipment, talk to the AC's, the gaffer, the wardrobe and make-up people and generally ask questions in a very encouraging and non-threatening environment.

The safe and courteous driving spot, "BLEEP" was shot on 35mm Kodak by veteran DP, Pat Hall.   Once again, many Minnesota film professionals and companies supported the Kangaroo Project by donating their time and resources.  Cinequipt/Lighthouse donated all of the equipment, Pixel Farm  provided all of the post-production, and Wow & Flutter did the sound design along with Ken Chastain and Pixel Music.

2005 CREW

Tom Adair, Debbie DeLisi, Marie Domingo, Chris Gap, Mary Flaa, Moe Flaherty, Pat Hall, Dave Halls, Heidi Habben, Johnny Hagen, Julie Hartley, Anne Healy, Kirk Hokanson, Greg Niska, Martha Sandberg, Tim O'Toole & Michael Winn.

2005 JOEYS

Mickey Centrella, Christina Cordova, Natalie Earp, Ethan Guggenheimer, Stephen Gurewitz, Rick Hansen, Kristina Howes, Maria Juranic, Ben Krueger, Dan Merritt, Mike Nelson, Rosemary Sindt, Kate Thomas, Alice Toomer & Jeff Tucci.

2005 CAST

Brent Braunschweig, Wendy Hinz and Joe Lovitt were the actors. Extras included Erica Engelbret, Chad Hamblin, Sophia Gilleland, Jared Eugene House, Sara Marie House, Jeff Kay, Joshua Lane and Jennifer Nelson.